DC Starting Line

The Fall

In 2170, AG racing fell to its knees. The huge corporations that controlled the racing league imploded as evidence of widespread corruption and race-fixing was brought to light. The resulting economic downturn would cause a widespread cloud of depression to fall across the world, and in some regions even lead to the outbreak of war. Companies that used to participate heavily in the league had to withdraw from AG racing and in some cases disappeared entirely. Circuits were decommissioned, dismantled, destroyed or abandoned. It was the very abrupt end of an era, and AG racing wouldn’t return for another decade.

The Return

The year 2182 would see the gradual return of AG racing as fringe groups of amateur racing enthusiasts began competing with restored ships without any sanctioning body. As the months passed, people began to notice, and in 2185 came the announcement of a new league. The ARC-150 (Amphithere Racing Challenge) signified the return of AG racing in its purest form, with teams such as Amphithere and Helios leading the push. With these new teams forming, new circuits being built, and new sponsors pledging their support to the fledgling league, the dream for the return to AG racing seems to be finally coming true.