Logos RS-150
Lead pilot ship: Spyridon Logo

Secretive as ever, LOGOS finally released their pre-season figures in 2184, and we can finally report them here. The ship’s internals and technology remain confidential; nevertheless, the ship is small and light and seems to lack a strong combat focus, trading some weapon power and shielding for more speed.

Speed is of course the ship’s strongest feature; it’s pre-season testing demonstrated a top speed simply unmatched by any other team. The biggest trade-off for that speed seems to be the ship’s handling, as the AG-device is unable to turn with finesse, and the craft requires pilots to be skilled with the ship’s air-brakes.

Speculation has run rampant over wether this all-or-nothing strategy will see the ship win outright or struggle to finish even one race; but soon, AG-fans will be able to see for themselves.


Logos λv

After months of waiting, Logos have finally opted to release pre-season testing figures for their prototype Lambda Nu craft. Representing the next step in the evoloution of Logos’s design study, the ship is sleek and futuristic, turning heads wherever it appears.

Performance-wise, the ship has been completely overhauled from the ground up. Big improvements on the thruster and powerplant have pushed the speed even further, and the craft packs what is widely regarded as the best thrust/speed package in the league. Further iteration on the ag-device has improved handling while maintaining the traditional weight of a Logos ship. Shield is still the weakest stat, but improved shielding tech allows the craft to deal with any fire it’s likely to take out at the front of the pack.

The prototype manages to push the trademark Logos speed even further, while improving some of the weaknesses evident in it’s older brother. The result is a ship that lasts longer on track and can pack a larger punch, able to trade blows with other craft and still outpace the competition.


History / Flavour

Logos PR, press release, August 2181:

Greetings from Logos.

We register our interest in a league reboot. Expect a fast response.

The Logos team are a hot topic. A small rogue outfit from Greece, they have not released any specification on their ships or their team as a whole, and their secrecy has earned them the attention of a curious public going into the first season of the ARC-150. Adding to the mystery, all attempts by the media to fully investigate the Logos operation have failed, and it’s unclear what their main motivations are.

However, what is clear is Logos’s design study: pure speed. With a slim, black ship glimpsed only on private test circuits, Logos’s approach to racing seems to be speed and stealth. Their pilots are well drilled, and their pre-season testing, when captured, shows a definite focus on a top speed unmatched by any other team. Speculation about their technology runs rampant and Logos have made no further comment since their public release in 2181.

Regardless of Logos’s motivations, they are expected to excel in the ARC-150. With speed and stealth as their strongest features, AG-fans are eager to see this precision strike in action.