Lead pilot ship: James Sorgiovanni

The CEN-R AR.34 represents the team’s debut effort to place a ship in the ARC-150. Built on a budget, the craft takes a back-to-basics approach to racing, aiming to emulate it’s predecessor in design. Steady in all categories, the ship is a classic all-rounder, pulling decent performance and edging out other craft with above-average shielding ability.

While the ship may not necessarily be much to look at, it’s expected to give the other heavyweights on track a run for their money when it launches in 2185.



Taking a radical departure from the styling of its older brother, the PS-01A appears to be where all the creativity missing from the AR.34’s design ended up. Fans are divided over its appearance, but one thing they can agree on is the performace; tech-wise, the ship is the logical extension of its predecessor, with improvements across the board, including a significant boost to top speed.

Thrust is the ship’s weakest stat, but it still remains a significantly powerful all-rounder ship, giving it an edge on open or combat-oriented circuits where it can survive a firefight and deal heavy damage to lighter, softer opponents. This ability to punch above its weight despite its delicate appearance have made the ship very popular, and AG fans will definately be anxious to see this ship being put through its paces during CEN-R’s final months of testing and polishing.


History / Flavour

Anatoliy Stepanov, public address, July 2184:

Greetings to all AG-fans. My name is Anatoliy Stepanov, CEO of CEN-R. We’re very proud to represent Sweden in the upcoming ARC-150, and I trust to see many Cen-R fans at the races.

Our debut craft represents a turning point for our team. Our outfit provides a new home to the team behind one of the most successful AG racing companies ever to grace the circuit. That team was sadly destroyed a decade ago, but we have come together to make a new start in this great sport, and to throw off the shackles of the old regime.

There is a long way to go before this team can reach the lofty heights of it’s predecessor, but with the support of all our dedicated fans, we will get there. Thank you.

Originally a Swiss Technical Institute, CEN-R formed a racing team under the direction of Anatoliy Stepanov. Staffed with the former employees of an iconic Russian AG team, CEN-R provided an opportunity for them to vent their anger about the direction their old team had been taken during the last incarnations of the leagues.Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and the team presents a slight disruptive influence, with certain pilots known for simply attempting to cause damage rather than having any real interest in racing. Members of the team have caused trouble behind the scenes, and there are lingering rumours that the team were involved with other criminal organisations. While nothing has been proven, this has earnt them a poor reputation among fans and the scene as a whole.

Thanks to this reputation, some of the higher-ranking teams have taken it into their own hands to keep the sport clean by, paradoxically, laying into CEN-R wherever they can be found. However, an understandable increase in shields of the craft is indicative of CEN-R’s determination – under Stepanov’s direction, CEN-R are strongly motivated to prove that they are still true to their old ideals, able to put their current issues and troubled history behind them and stand against their rivals as a serious competitor once again.