A.T.L.A.S Enforcer
Lead pilot ship: Arthur Fenix

Completely revamped from old designs, Atlas’s Enforcer shares almost nothing in common with it’s predecessor save Atlas’s aggressive styling. Lighter than it looks, the ship is quick and nimble, with above-average stats across the board. While nothing stands out as top in it’s class, the ship is a great all-rounder with very high top speed and good shielding, giving it the versatility to survive in a firefight but also negotiate techical circuits with relative ease.

Pre-season testing has been impressive, and the focus on firepower running through Atlas’s race philosophy has gotten fans excited to see their performance in the ARC-150. It’s certain that big things are expected from this light ship.


A.T.L.A.S Khimera One

At long last, ATLAS have released to the public all the details of their rumoured prototype ship (at least, the ones that weren’t revealed by corporate leak). Running on the same basic frame as it’s older twin, ATLAS’s Khimera One’s exterior design has been reworked, taking the same basic design features and adding a new edge to the design (quite literally in some cases). The ship looks sleeker and much more likely to stab you if it isn’t treated with respect.

The old Enforcer’s equipment cluster has been torn open and renovated, with it’s old thruster/airbrake rack removed and replaced with not one but two giant vectoring thrusters. Additional work on the AG device and powerplant has boosted performance across the board by ridiculous amounts. The legendary ATLAS attitude to racing has resulted in not one but two statistics taken to their complete maximum – and a downgraded shield powerplant to make room for the expansion. Trading shield power for such a huge increase in performance is a move only ATLAS would make, but if pre-season testing is to be believed, their crazy tactic just might work; after all, the ship can match performance with several other front runners on track.

It will take a skilled, careful and gutsy pilot to fly this thing, but in the right hands, the gamble may just pay off. True to their reputation, ATLAS’s unique entry will certainly make the upcoming season a lot more exciting.


History / Flavour

ATLAS PR, public statement, August 2185:

Welcome all fans of ATLAS. We are proud to present our race-ready ATLAS Enforcer, and we hope to acheive great success on track. We’ve built on our old history and taken the company in a new, more noble direction, one that we hope to pursue for many years to come. To all our supporters: we will prove that ATLAS are capable of matching strength with the greats of AG-racing. See you all on the track!

A.T.L.A.S have a curious history. Originally founded in 2181 by Russian businessman and public personality Oleg Ziemliy, ‘Anti-gravity Transportation, Logistics and Shipping Co’ was intended to ride the wave of returning ag-development and make some cash as a short-hop shipping company. Designing and building a heavy cargo transporter nicknamed the TCS-1775 ‘Nut Cracker’, the business saw profits for a time. Oleg, however, was renowned for his inconsistency, and as the company began to grow in size, it became clear that he was not interested in supporting it. Nor did he appear to be particularily great at the job, for A.T.L.A.S failed to keep pace with the rest of the market and found themselves unable to compete with many other, more competently managed start-up companies. This earned them a lot of scorn from various groups complaining of A.T.L.A.S’s lack of quality or innovation. In 2183, with the company heading towards bankruptcy, Nikolai Gasparov had the courage to take over as head, allowing Oleg Ziemliy to finally jump ship and pursue other projects.

Where other people had seen a liability, Gasparov saw an opportunity, realising that the perfect way to make A.T.L.A.S profitable was to turn it from a mismanaged transport company into a racing team. Taking out a large loan that would put A.T.L.A.S millions of dollars in debt, he was gambling the success of the company on this idea, and this did not earn him any friends; indeed the opinion of A.T.L.A.S was to drop further after such a risky exercise, with some groups openly scorning them.

Hiring a small team of workers, Nikolai completely stripped down the old TCS, and keeping only it’s basic platform, he rebuilt the ship as a heavily modified racing prototype named the Enforcer. The resulting craft is a good all-rounder, quick and surprisingly agile as well as inheriting the power and toughness of it’s ancestor. The exercise used up almost all of the funds AT.L.A.S had in store, and Nikolai was understandably very nervous at the prototype’s final unveiling in 2184. On track, however, the prototype’s strengths shined through, with many impressed by the determination of A.T.L.A.S to produce such a speedy and agile craft after a history of sub-par gear. Sponsors soon approached, and Nikolai’s company was saved.

A.T.L.A.S may have made some enemies, but they have come a long way in only a few short years. With a ship on par with their rivals and a second prototype under construction, they are more than ready to make an impact on the ARC-150.