Who are we?

AirTime Productions are a bunch of people who came together to create something cool; we began SlipStream GX in 2010/2011 as a tribute to the WipEout series that has given so many of us so much joy. When Studio Liverpool were shut down in August of 2012, it became even more important to keep the spirit of the games alive, and even more important to continue the project.

We all work on SSGX in our spare time, and for no profit. Most of us have jobs or are studying.  For these reasons, progress on the game is slow, albeit steady. Your support makes it all worth while. 🙂


Enjoy the site! =) If you would like to contact us for any reason, feel free! Although we may not respond right away, we would love to hear from you at slipstreamgx@gmail.com.

The Team

Bartłomiej Wołk

I joined the project in July 2013 as I decided to become a programmer and SSGX seemed to be a good place to start. It was obvious to me that this game would be much more fun with an online multiplayer so I decided to make one. It’s not ready yet, but hopefully, it will be. In addition, I version control the whole project.

Bruno Gonçalves

I entered on the SSGX project because I always wanted to make a game that everyone could play and have fun. When I found the post on WOZone, I thought that SSGX could be the perfect opportunity. Actually I’m the voice actor for ‘Carlos’ and I actually am the Head of Public Relations on the team.
I’m also the beta tester for the Mac and Linux native versions of SSGX.

Damian Kościelny

I’m the main engine of this construction site, I program the thing since the beginning and join the things I get from my fellow world wide friends together so it works somehow… usually. I also created the track named “Alphard” and plan to work on “Nazca Remains” with Kai.

Kai Hartmann

Being the manager of the team, I am keeping the whatabouts of SSGX pieced together: Ideas, proposals, tasks… I guess the guys sometimes hate me for the load of documents I create 😉 My modeling skills for “Nazca Remains” didn’t satisfy me, so now I am helping Damian with programming.

Ian Nathaniel Cruz

I started my involvement in SSGX back in 2015 with feedback on ideas and help with a game trailer. I’m back on board to dive deep into the look and feel of the game, assist with branding, and produce official trailers. I grew up on arcade racers, and my heart lies with them. Really excited to be on a team dedicated to a futuristic racer founded on oldschool mentalities and designed for newschool gamers.




Our donators

    Adam O’K, Andrew H, Brian S, Chloe M, Emil P, Enrique SM, Fabio DC, Jan Markus M, Janani F, Kirpal M, Lee S, Leonardo G, Luther M, Marco C, Mario K, Matthew S, Mickael L, N J T Bakker, Patrick T, Roberto P, Shane R


Helping hands from the WipEout universe

    Ami Nakajima [general legal assistance]
    Charlie Emery [SSGX subforum on wipeoutzone, voice actor]
    Tim Wright [SSGX-OST ‘ToRVoLUTIoN (Fringe Mix)’ legalization]


Individual support

    Ben [HUD design and layout]
    Morrisey Williams [Unity legal assistance]
    Steffen Keth [SSGX-OST ‘Subtronic (SSGX Instrumental Mix)’ legalization]
    Yuka Ishino [voice actor]


Former ATP members

    Cameron Porter
    Chris McInnes
    Damon Pearce
    Shun Yi Chiang
    Thananun Pipatchalalai
    Theodor Andrén