Christmas Release + Time Trial Competition

25/12/2012 by Damon


Hey everyone. It’s Christmas time, we hope you all got what you wanted 🙂 We’ve had a great week, and there’s a lot of ground to cover, so strap in for a long blog post.

Firstly, we decided to give you all our own Christmas present in the form of a game release. In the last few months we have made a ton of progress on the game and it’s only now that you get to experience some of it. Our coder Damian has been working like mad to get this out on time so we hope it was all worth it. In particular you’ll notice the new ship and a bunch of improvements across the board, including post processing and custom music imports (just drop ogg files into ‘SSGX Beta Testing_Data/music/’ and the game will read them). This is something you guys have been asking for. So it’s our christmas gift to you 🙂

To celebrate Christmas, we’re doing something a bit special with this release. We are holding a time trial competition, whereby you guys will need to hone your skills and get the fastest total time you can. The competition starts today (December 25th, 2012) and will last until January 7th, 2013. To take part, simply complete a race and take a screenshot of the results via the game. You can send the screenshot and your name (as well as a your WZ id if you are part of the community) to If you send multiple, we’ll use your best one.

The best three players and their times will be announced on the internet. We will get in contact with the winners personally.
The prizes are all about artwork in the game. 1st prize winner gets to create a skin for the Thruster Ship (in the picture above). The 2nd and 3rd place winners get to create billboards for the game. There’s more detail on this in the readme file. Good luck!

Also this month the guys over at Wipeoutzone have dedicated an entire forum section to SSGX, so we now have a community base of operations now, as opposed to a single 313 page thread. So big thanks to them for the support! You can check out the forum here and contribute.

In keeping with this Christmassy theme, you can imagine how we felt when we woke up today to find a suprise interview by Portugese gaming publication GameSpoilers. Bruno had done this interview without telling us, so it was a very nice suprise and sort of our own Christmas present. We were quick to snap a photo of our own review sitting above one of Battlefield 3 – that’s going into the albums 😉

Feel free to comment on the interview and share it anywhere you can. We’re still very much about exposing the game to as many people as possible and beginning to get press is very, very exciting for a bunch of guys chugging away at computers in their spare time. 😉

And that’s our month in review. The next progress update we’ll likely come after Christmas as we’ve got some stuff planned over the next few weeks. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone, and we’ll see you later!

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