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SlipStream GX is an anti-gravity racer currently in development. The ships you pilot float above the track, travel at ludicrous speeds and use mechanical air brakes to slide through corners. In addition, players can blast opponents out of the way with a nice selection of heavy weaponry. Ships take rhythm, fast reactions and a heavy dose of skill to pilot.

The game will contain:

  • More than 16 playable ships
  • Racing circuits available in reverse and at night
  • Three classes of speed up to 800 km/h
  • A fully featured campaign mode
  • A large electronic and trance soundtrack including CoLD SToRAGE, Shem, De/Vision and more
  • Online multiplayer with additional competition features

The game is completely free. Our current beta is available to download, so why not give it a try? In the mean time, check out the trailer above for a quick look at the gameplay!


This seems familiar…

This game is heavily inspired by Psygnosis/Studio Liverpools’ WipEout series and is created by and for WipEout fans. It’s a fully non-commercial initiative, born at the wipeoutzone forum. We absolutely adore WipEout, and this project is our love letter to them and a small attempt to continue the legacy after the passing of those studios. We hope you enjoy it!



Donations always help us to get assets/add-on’s/plug-in’s and everything that is needed to make the game more beautiful. Every donation helps and will be rewarded: Our donators will be listed in the credits section of SlipStream GX.

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